Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Flying Horse-Bird
Mask: feathers, deer teeth, shell, found objects
Suit: knitted wool & acrylic, deer bones, found objects

Untitled~Work in progress
86" X 60"
Quilt: silk, glass beads
Sliced & pressed vegetables set in light box
After careful reflection on the cosmic tendencies; I recover evidence.
Past experiences almost lost to memory
Our fabric is embroidered with the paths of planets and the tracks of beasts
This is the evidence, the techniques
Abrupt dislocations of time and space.
In a boat immersed in still water and silence
a collapsing of my rational senses begins
at twilight I come to see you
Our sleep is deeper than death
we bite shapes out of red glass and toss them into the sky, they hang there and turn the stars into blood
"have you brought it?" I wispered, "the evidence of time and space?"
your eyes flicker with moonlight, you shed your skin and toss it into the still water.
A rythmic formula of soft breath
a dance which is holy
twisting their bodies into hideous shapes, their feet leave impressions of animals claws
their lessons taught in riddle
their teeth falling at my feet
their bodies reduce to specks of green glitter, sink with the flames back into the cinders.
digital photogragh 2005
Digital photograghs 2005
Costumes: stained coffee filters, interfacing stained with vegetable juice

Mask: clay, paint, fiberglass & resin

I saw you sometimes by the door, standing on the verge of space

It was something akin to memory

An awakening into numerous atmospheres

Your words were liquid as they swam up to my face and seeped into my skin,

"Portions of the truth have been given to us"

We travel over bridges and between dreams

Rooms change as we enter them and change as we leave

With the consistency of shadows your body merges from time to time.




Hand dyed silk, glass beads, bone & shell

Mask: painted leather Suit: hand-spun cotton & wool
Clay & paint over copper leaf

Mask: silk over paper Cloak: silk


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Blogger TheArcaneMaster said...

Michele...i am completely and utterly smitten with your work. Absolutely amazing pieces displayed here.
Maybe sometime i can see some of these magnum opuses in person?
i always thought you were very engaging, and i'm even more entranced now that i've seen this side of you. Your art really resonates with me.
These ideas presented...well, we should talk about that sometime. i'll see you at the Dragon.

3:38 PM  
Blogger angelbite said...

Hi Michelle, Hope you get to read this - this is from your cousin Angie, (rmember me?) it's been a while...well you are the best artist I know and I was wondering if I could hire you to do a mural in my house.
Plus, to see you again would be most wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love You, Angie

3:16 PM  
Blogger curio5 said...

Wow Michelle! I found a Daily Lobo article on you,and I left a comment on their website. I am very impressed with the sheer quantity of media that you work with. I love the combination of your evolving organic method of working and use of materials. I also appreciate that your work has a refinement that allows recycled materials to be given the respect of being substantial and magical, not just second hand.
My own work is not on your level, however, I would like to invite you to my own art show at the Factory on 5th on Friday June 22nd. Go to www.factoryon5.com.

1:24 AM  
Blogger celissa said...

Hi, just trying to find you in this big world honey were are you at write me back

5:17 AM  
Blogger what_a_biznatch said...

amazing work!

10:09 PM  

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